At a breathless pace, Lene is continuing her Taiwan promotion activities, and has appeared on MTV Music Battle in Taipei on Saturday evening, local time.

Our friends at are doing an excellent job on keeping up with Lene’s performances, thanks to correspondent Kotaro. We learn that Lene has played a whole six songs on the MTV Music Battle on Saturday evening, and the photos show a radiant Lene giving her very best. The songs were ‘Sitting Down Here’, ‘How Would It Be’, ‘Unforgivable Sinner’, ‘What If’, ‘Disguise’ and ‘Still Here’. A great mix of songs representing all the three studio albums PMG – AD – LIAM, as well as the Asia special single ‘Still Here’ (be sure to grab the video for ‘Still Here’ from

You may also read a translation from China Times on the tarot reading that Lene did on Thursday. It seems to have been a quite ‘uneasy’ experience, if you ask us, as Lene had to stop Maurice (the tarot reader) on the topic of ‘love’. And things apparently got so ‘intimate’ in the end that the reporter of China Times had to leave the room.

We will also encourage everybody who have the opportunity to watch Norwegian TV2 to tune in at 22:35 hours tonight, for the entertainment news show ‘God kveld, Norge’ (registration required to view web-TV), where there will be a feature about Lene and her recording of the ‘What If’ video (most probably – it could also be the video for ‘Still Here’). We will try to post a video from the TV2 broadcast as soon as possible.

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