The beautiful pop star didn’t get to buy the idyllic small farm in the district – but this weekend she’ll be here on borrowed ground recording a music video.

Lene Marlin has chosen Vestfossen as a back cloth when the new video from the album ‘Lost In A Moment’ is to be recorded. According to the knowledge of Drammens Tidende, the North-Norwegian pop star will be present in Vestfossen from 0700 hours on Sunday morning. The music video for single number two from the album ‘Lost In A Moment’ will be recorded both outdoors in the streets of Vestfossen, as well as in the artist Morten Viskum’s private studio. Between 80 and 90 extras will be contributing to the production.

FELL FOR THE PLACE. – As I can understand, the recording of the video is in two parts. The car scenes are to be held outdoors, while the scenes from the live concert will be recorded in my studio, Viskum is telling Drammens Tidende.

The agreement on renting the studio was done two weeks ago. Then the artist got a visit from the production company behind the video recording.

– They had heard rumours about the premises, and came to have a look around. The especially fell for the industry character, and that it was much headroom. The also at the same time fell very much for Vestfossen as a village area. With the combination of factories, stores, and domestic buildings so close to one another, he adds.

POSITIVE FOR THE DISTRICT. The scenes that will be recorded in Viskum’s studio are supposed to represent a live concert. The closer to 100 extras will act as the audience. For Viskum, the recording is a nice occasion to be spreading his art to a greater and hopefully international audience.

– It is my work of art that will be hanging on the walls inside the studio. If the video turns out well, it means my pictures will be shown all over the world.

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